2022 International Conference on Power System and Power Engineering(PSPE 2022)
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Prof. Lei Xi, China Three Gorges University, China


席磊(教授/博导),楚天学者,三峡学者。湖北省中青年创新团队负责人。主要从事人工智能在电力系统中的应用,担任SCI期刊《Electronics》《Frontiers in Energy Research》专题副主编、《三峡大学学报》编委等,同时担任多个国内外顶级期刊审稿人,中国电工技术学会人工智能与电气应用专委会委员、IEEE-PES-SBLC电力负荷技术分委会常务理事等。编写《智能发电控制》专著1部,发表SCI/EI论文40余篇。主持国家自然科学基金1项,获得2018年度中国电工技术学会科学技术二等奖。

Xi Lei (Professor/Doctoral Supervisor), a Chu Tian scholar, a Three Gorges scholar and the leader of young and middle-aged innovation team in Hubei province, is mainly engaged in the application of artificial intelligence in power system. He serves as the associate editor of special theme in SCI journals such as Electronics, Frontiers in Energy Research and the editorial board member of Journal of China Three Gorges University. He is the reviewer of several domestic and foreign top journals, the special committee member of artificial intelligence and electrical applications in China Electrotechnical Society, and the executive director of power load technology sub-committee in IEEE-PES-SBLC, etc. He wrote the monograph: Intelligent power generation control, has published papers more than 40 in SCI/EI, has hosted one project of National Natural Science Foundation of China and won the second prize of science and technology of China Electrotechnical Society in 2018.