2022 International Conference on Power System and Power Engineering(PSPE 2022)
PSPE 2022 Technical Program Committees



Prof. Qi Li, Southwest Jiaotong University, China


李奇,教授,博士生导师,国家轨道交通电气化与自动化工程技术研究中心副主任。长期从事综合能源系统规划与运行、轨道交通新型供电技术、氢能与燃料电池发电技术等领域的研究工作。IET Fellow,连续2年入选全球前2%顶尖科学家,现担任IEEE IES交通电气化技术委员会委员和分委会主席、IEEE PES中国区电动汽车技术委员会分委会常务理事、中国电源学会交通电气化专业委员会副秘书长等。获四川省科学技术进步一等奖、教育部高校科研优秀成果自然科学二等奖等省部级奖励3项,以及协会/企业奖励5项,并获评教育部霍英东高校青年教师基金、四川省杰出青年基金等荣誉。以第一/通讯作者发表SCI论文67篇、出版中文专著2部、授权发明专利42项。

Qi Li, Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, Deputy Director of National Rail Transit Electrification and Automation Engineering Technology Research Center. He has been engaged in the research of integrated energy system planning and operation, renewable power supply technology of rail transit, hydrogen energy and fuel cell power generation technology, etc. At present, he is the IET Fellow, who has been selected as one of the top 2% scientists in the world for two consecutive years, and currently he serves as the member and chairman of IEEE IES Transportation Electrification Technical Committee, Standing Director of IEEE PES China Electric Vehicle Technical Committee Sub-Committee, Deputy Secretary-General of Transportation Electrification Committee of Chinese Power Supply Society, etc. He has won three provincial and ministerial awards, including the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of Sichuan Province of China, the second prize of Science Outstanding Achievement of Natural Science of Higher School of China, and five association/enterprise awards. He has also been awarded the Young Teachers Fund of Fok Ying-Tong Education Foundation of China, and the Outstanding Young Scholar Fund of Sichuan Province of China, etc. As the first/corresponding author, he has published 67 SCI papers, 2 Chinese monographs and 42 authorized invention patents.