2022 International Conference on Power System and Power Engineering(PSPE 2022)
PSPE 2022 Keynote Speaker



Prof. Yantao Zhang, China Electric Power Research Institute, China


张彦涛,2005年毕业于西安交通大学,获硕士学位,现任中国电科院电力系统碳中和研究中心战略规划研究室副主任,IEC TC 73专家。长期从事电力系统仿真分析及规划等方面的研究和软件开发,研发的短路电流计算软件(PSD-SCCP)、源网荷储一体化生产模拟软件(PSD-PEBL)在国内得到广泛应用,发表期刊论文15篇,编写国家标准、行业标准10项。

Zhang Yantao graduated from Xi'an Jiaotong University with a master's degree in 2005, and serves as the deputy director of the Strategic Planning Department of the power system carbon neutralization research center of China Electric Power Research Institute(CEPRI), IEC TC 73 expert. His research interests include power system simulation, analysis, planning and software development. The short-circuit current calculation software (PSD-SCCP) and power system production simulation software (PSD-PEBL) have been widely used in China. He has published 15 journal papers and compiled 10 national standards and industrial standards.