2022 International Conference on Power System and Power Engineering(PSPE 2022)
PSPE 2022 Technical Program Committees



Prof. Zexin Zhou, China Electric Power Research Institute, China



中国电力科学研究院首席技术专家,教授级高级工程师,博士生导师,Senior Member of IEEE,电力系统安全与节能国家重点实验室副主任、中国电机工程学会继电保护专委会副主任委员、《电网技术》杂志社编辑委员会委员、国家电网调度系统继电保护专家组成员。 长期从事电力系统保护与控制技术研究工作,担任国家自然科学基金重点项目负责人1项、国家973课题负责人1项、国家重点研发计划课题负责人2项、国家电网公司科技项目负责人13项,发表学术论文70余篇,授权发明专利90项、海外专利1项,主持并参与技术标准编制20余项,曾获省部级及以上奖励15项,其中一等奖4项,出版专著12部。 


 Chief Technology Expert of China Electric Power Research Institute, Research Fellow Engineer, Doctoral Supervisor, Senior Member of IEEE, Deputy Director of State Key Laboratory of Power System Safety and Energy Conservation, Deputy Director of Relay protection Special Committee of Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering, editorial committee member of Power Grid Technology magazine, member of relay protection Expert group of State Grid Dispatching System. She engaged in electric power system protection and control technology research, as project leader of one key project of national natural science foundation of China, subject facilitator of one the national 973 project, two national key research and development plan project, thirteen science and technology project of state grid corporation of China. She published more than 70 papers, more than 90 invention patents, foreign patents authorized. She has presided over and participated in the preparation of more than 20 technical standards, and has won 15 provincial and ministerial awards, including 4 first prizes, and published 12 monographs.